ALDA Suncoast Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can family members attend meetings?
A. Of course. In fact, we encourage you to bring family members to meetings and social events. They often need support too.

Q. Do I have to know sign language to attend meetings?
A. No. While many of our members use signed English, others only use speech reading or written notes. Our motto is "Whatever works!"

Q. Does it cost anything to attend meetings or join ALDA Suncoast?
A. Anyone is welcome to attend meetings and open social events.  We encourage people to become members for the benefits and to support advocating for your rights. Member benefits include receiving our local newsletter and parent organization newsletter, voting privileges, running for office and a discount when attending the ALDA convention.   Here is how to Join.

Q. How can I keep informed about the going-on's of ALDA Suncoast?
A. Become a member!  When you become a member you can get on the email list for reminders and timely news.

Q. How do I contact ALDA Suncoast?
A. Here is how to Contact Us