Hearing Aid Assistance

1. Check with your health insurance provider to see if they might offer some type of coverage for hearing aids. This is the first step.

2. In some states, people with low income may qualify for hearing aids through Medicaid. Look in the Government section of the telephone book under County Social Services, and you can request an appointment to determine eligibility for Medicaid if necessary.

3. The “Gift of Hearing Foundation” offers programs for hearing impaired individuals seeking financial assistance.

4. The “Help America Hear” program is a program available through the “Foundation for Sight & Sound” They can provide aids to individuals with limited financial resources.

5. “Hear Now” is a program offered through the “Starkey Hearing Foundation”. They provide recycled and used hearing aids.

6. Similar to “Hear Now” is “HEARINGHEALTH4U”. They help low income people break the barrier of the high cost hearing aids by providing quality new and used hearing aids at a very affordable price. Financial assistance is available.

7. For Cochlear Implants, look into assistance from the “Gift of Hearing Foundation”. They work closely with the medical community to provide financial support.

8. Easter Seals and Lions Club International may be worth looking into. They both provide assistance and support for hearing aids and services.

9. In Florida: http://www.fccdhh.org/services/hearing-aids-cochlear-implants-assistive-listening-devices.html and this link at the bottom of the page: Finding Financial Assistance for Hearing Aid Purchases