If you have lost some or all of your hearing or know someone who has, you have surfed your way to the right place! We are a support group for late-deafened adults. We meet in Pinellas County, Florida (Tampa Bay) once a month to learn and share our experiences. Our meetings are real-time captioned so no one feels left out. Our meetings consist of guest speakers, announcements of upcoming events and members sharing their own stories of deafness, but that’s not all! We also have “silent coffees”, trips to area sights, picnics, bike rides, and other accessible social events.

We know how stressful coping with hearing loss can be and how communicating can sometimes feel like it is you against the world. That’s why our motto is “whatever works” when it comes to communicating. Sign language, speech reading, or written notes, all forms of communication are welcome here. No one is judged and everyone is made to feel at home.

If this sounds like the place for you, join us at our next meeting. We look forward to meeting you there!

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services for our meetings are provided by:
Communication Access, Inc.
Serving the Needs of People with Hearing Loss
Tess Crowder, Executive Director

A late-deafened adult describes deafness which occurred any time after the development of speech and language; often it means after the age of adolescence. Usually a late-deafened adult has identified with hearing society through schooling, social connections, etc. They are usually unable to understand speech without hearing technology and/or visual aids such as speech-reading, sign language and/or Communication Access Realtime Translation Services (CART).     ~www.fccdhh.org